Why hide your anime obsession, when you can wear it on a t-shirt?

The founders of Sleek&Peek had the vision to create the best Anime clothing and merchandise store in India for all the Otakus out there.

 Our mission is to bring unparalleled quality anime merchandise to you in the most stylish and refined manner. Started in 2020, SleekandPeek aims at globalizing this brand through high-quality clothes with aesthetic packaging and affordable price.

Why only watch it when you can wear and watch your favorite anime? Our products range from T-shirts, pop sockets to masks, badges, and phone cases. 

We are here to conjoin your love for anime with our products so that you can keep your favorite anime and manga characters close to your heart and room. So grab your sleek anime fit and accessories today, you can buy them tomorrow too because we are here to stay!



Contact us now using our contact page or email us at support@sleekandpeek.com
or directly call us at 6290277784


 SleekandPeek is an Indian company owned by SNP VENTURES.
SleekandPeek has Partnered Offline Store based in Hooghly West Bengal. Kolkata Bazaar is the Official Partnered Store that is managed by SNP VENTURES.